January 09, 2018

On Pinterest

Σκέφτηκα ότι ίσως σας αρέσει αυτός ο πίνακας στο Pinterest…https://pin.it/4uugob3qziemmw

December 31, 2017


watercolor on Arches paper

Father Teo

watercolor on paper


watercolor on Arches paper


Watercolors on Arches paper

December 01, 2017

My Father with watercolors on Arches paper

My Father teo gave me at least a photo of him and so i played with watercolors to make this little portrait

Watercolor and acrylic portrait

My friend Vaios hosted me for two weeks during my new begginin in Krete. So i made this watercolor and acrylic on my ne Arches paper to tell him thank you.

November 25, 2017


Drawing in the classroom

Fast sketch during our lesson. Colored pencils on paper. Drawing with kids reminded me the pleasure of  the proccess. Observing them painting conveys their enthusiasm as well as their freedom.